Let’s talk about Sex

So here we are, speaking about an important subject that has become the face of Tantra in the western understanding.

We would like to start by saying here that sexual practices in Tantra equate to only five percent of the original Tantric teachings.

Traditionally it was only once a sadhak (spiritual seeker) had purified themselves considerably that the teachings of sexual tantra would be given by the Guru. The reason for this is that most people are not ready for this level of Tantra, and therefore most authentic Guru’s avoid this topic completely.

Sex is a powerful energy, for it creates life itself.

Sex descends from love and evolves into love.

Sex can dominate, it can create harm, and it can take us to an awakened state.

So then imagine to amplify such a powerful energy, with the energy of another person.

With all of this pure potentiality it is surely first wise to learn how to navigate our own inner energy, to develop healthy boundaries, and to find a way to cultivate true depth in a relationship.


Dispelling limitations

Before approaching this level of Tantra it helps to take an initial look inside of yourself to find what is your relationship to sex.

Often people do not realise the conditionings that they carry, the limiting attitudes that they may have learned from observing their parents and others, along with their relationship to their own body image and feelings.

Yet when we can observe and become aware of conditioning and embrace a more positive relationship to ourselves, then we are genuinely more able to unite on an intimate level with somebody else.

When we rise above the regular interplay of sexuality and learn to see the bigger picture, we can open ourselves considerably, and many aspects of our life will blossom.

Including the ability to attract a live partner to create that meaningful relationship; along with the core desire of every human being, to live a positive and fulfilling life through the expression of our life’ purpose.


The True Tantric Relationship 

Are you looking to find a partner who ticks all the boxes?

Most of the time we are looking for another to fill the sense of a void inside of us, but this void can only be filled by our very own divine nature.

So it is quite common to bounce from one relationship to another, in search of the treasure that is actually inside of yourself. 

When you can truly see this, it is more likely that you will attract a partner who can truly walk the path with you.

Then have the courage to stay together in a long term relationship, for this helps you to go deeper in Tantra. As moving from one partner to another takes energy, and this energy could be used more potently for your spiritual life and sadhana. 

In Traditional Tantra a couple is married in order to help manifest a higher Shiva Shakti energy into the relationship. When such a couple meditates together and dedicates their life to spirituality their Kundalinis’ work together creating more of a powerful catalyst for self realisation. 


Traditional Sexual Tantric Techniques 

If you would be so truly fortunate to receive the teachings of Traditional sexual Tantra it would no doubt be quite an eye opener for what is commonly taught nowadays.

True techniques are often quite challenging and involve Tantric Kriyas and strict sadhana that at times do may feel very comfortable for the sadhaka, for a great purification needs to take place in order to liberate the energy. 

It can be no doubt a practice of pleasure and bliss, although ultimately true progress in spirituality surpasses the need for sexual expression and desire.


Safe and simple practices in Sacred Sexuality

The beginning and the end of any interpersonal Tantric practice or relationship is the intention to experience or recognise the higher divine qualities in one another. This is goal of sexual Tantric Union.

When a man and woman come together in a meditation of transfiguration, a powerful sacred space is created to encourage the witnessing of the higher masculine and higher feminine in one another. These can be a one on one or group meditation that guides each man and woman is invited to sit in an eyes-open meditation opposite each person.

As well as meditative techniques there are many practical Yogic techniques that are taught in Satya Loka to help channel sexual energy that through their effect can naturally enhance love making and sexuality.


We also share insights and experience on how to cultivate loving relationships, and how to keep a relationship alive and balanced. We offer workshops and modules on our trainings that hold a safe and transformative space for men and women.



Radasi and Yorgos, the teachers at Satya Loka, were married nearly four years ago in a Tantric ceremony at Shivoham Tantra Ashram after 6 weeks of being together. They perform daily sadhana together and serve many people all over the world guiding mantra sadhana and being an example of a devout couple in Tantra.