14th December 2020 – 21st January 2021

Shivoham Tantra Ashram, Saoner, India


Shivoham Tantra

Our 300-hour Sharabh Tantra Yog teacher training program is certified by Shivoham Tantra and is qualified as continuing education under YACEP, Yoga Alliance.

“Sharabh Tantra Yoga initiation TTC helped me go deeper into my own practice as well as be able to teach the traditional Tantra Yog techniques to my students. Being in the Ashram around the energy of Tantra and studying traditional Tantra Yog was an intense experience that opened my mind and energy up to the traditional practice. The course gave me a deeper understanding of traditional Tantra. There is a feeling of being a family all supporting one another in our Sadhana in the Ashram. I didn’t just learn Tantra yog I lived it and embodied it, with the support of GuruJi, GuruMa, Radasi & Yorgos. Radasi has many years of experience in Tantra and is able to explain the techniques transmitting them from Guruij so they can be easily understood and digested. Yorgos has years of practice in meditation in which he shares his experience and knowledge giving guidance and support on how to teach. Both have beautiful energy and presence that makes the whole experience enjoyable as well as learning many aspects of advance yogic techniques and Tantra.  Tantra Yog has given me more clarity not only in my own practice but in my everyday life. Im really grateful for the on going support through the integration process after the initiation and course. I feel very blessed to have received initiation and the teachings of Sharabh Tantra Yog by the most caring and authentic Gurus in a living Tantra Ashram in India.”  
Hollie Wakeham – Sharabh Yog TTC 2019


Who is this advanced training program for?


The Sharabh Tantra Yoga 300hr teacher training course is directed towards those who have a deeper sense of the spirituality of Yoga, who are already teaching Yoga or know how to teach Asana safely to multi-leveled yoga classes, it is for those who already have a good understanding of yoga anatomy, and have referenced classic texts like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

It is for those who want to search beyond the Yoga Sutras or Hatha Yoga Pradipika and want to explore the path of Tantra and its influence in yoga more deeply.

It is for practitioners of Yoga who want to gain a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy, both theoretically and practically. Most importantly, it is for those who are looking for a teacher training in India that is offered as an authentic transmission, as an initiation.

This immersion will give significant personal and spiritual development on the path of Tantra and in Yoga.


Where does this system come from?

It is based on a system of Tantra Yoga, primarily used in some classical Indian Ashrams. It is based on Yogasana and Kriyas, given to Sadaks to prepare their energetic structure to be able to progress in higher tantric practices.

Guruji Maharaj has experienced these practices in his years as a Sadak and has transmitted the system to Radasi and Yorgos Mazarakis to share with others.

Our lineage is revered as the Sri Bhairavanand Lineage, it is a tantric lineage that is rooted in Shaivism, and offers Sadhanas under the name Shivoham Tantra.

As a Tantric, Guruji had various Guru’s in his life that provided him with the variety of keys to unlock the deeper mystery of Tantra, in and through this experience, his main Guru remains Sri Bhairavanand.

As such, this teacher training program is more than just learning additional teaching skills. It is designed to initiate you into an authentic and classical Tantric and Yogic lifestyle.


What can you expect from this advanced yoga TTC?

This teacher training program is unlike those you might find when studying Vinyasa yoga, Ashtanga yoga, or even Hatha Yoga. Instead, this teacher training in India focuses on the self as a spiritual being and uses Yoga and Kriyas to help us connect with that.

Your own Sadhana is key in order to be able to teach Sharabh Yoga, therefore for the first three weeks of the course, you will go through your own Sadhana process, directly experiencing the Kriyas and practices to help clear your own energetic system.

In Tantra, our aim is to open the full capacity of our Chakras, that we may evolve in consciousness, Sharabh Yoga is a very good start in this direction, because it is not just about our capacity to transmit information as a yoga instructor, it is about our own spiritual development that opens the energy within so we can be a stronger and clearer guide for others.

Your daily schedule during this training program will include:

  • various advanced pranayamas and breathing techniques
  • mantra chanting
  • classical yoga asana practice, including holding some postures for longer periods of time
  • classical Tantric ritual participation, such as yagna and yantra
  • teaching methodology and exercises to develop your teaching skills
  • practicing yoga postures (asana) that are designed to support the Chakras
  • devotion (Bhakti yoga) to fully embody the yogic lifestyle
  • practicing various meditation techniques
  • delicious vegetarian meals, in accordance with Ahimsa
  • discussions on yogic philosophy and how to teach yoga that is aligned with this philosophy
  • Kriyas designed to clear and support your energetic system and the Chakras

The Kriya system used in Sharabh Yoga focuses on the activation of the petals of the Chakras. On completion of this course, one can be assured to become more connected in the subtle body and the associated energies.

  • Relevant Kriyas for the Chakra system
  • A set of Asanas that work directly with Mantra and the petals of the Chakras
  • The knowledge to teach philosophy of Tantra including an introduction into Swara Yoga
  • Meditations from the Tantras (Vijnana Bhairava Tantra)
  •  A comprehensive system of Pranayama
  • An introduction to the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.
  • An in depth understanding into the science of Yoga Nidra
  •  How to conduct Fire Yagna to support your own Sadhana
  • Additional Tantric practices are taught related to the Temple and Bhakti Yoga
6.00 am – Prana Pratishtha in the Temple
6.30 am – Sharabh Yoga classes
9.30 am – Rest and Brunch
11.30 pm – Philosophy classes
1.30 pm – Afternoon rest and tea break
3.30 pm – Kriyas and Teaching Methodology
5.30 pm – Dinner

6.30 pm – Fire Yagna / Study time / Aarti in the temple

7.30 pm – Rest and Rejuvenate


Materials provided

There will be two manuals provided with relevant teachings and practices from Shivoham Tantra. These teachings come from Guruji Maharaj, they are translated by Dipti Tiwari and are combined and drawn together in a comprehensive manual by Ra Lalita Dasi and Yorgos Mazarakis.

We also offer access to photographs and videos of the Kriyas. This ensures you are well equipped with information and supportive material that is necessary to deepen your practise and teach with confidence.

As a part of this training in India, a four-month commitment to the practise following the course is required.

In this, a meditation period of one hour is required to integrate, stabalise and fix the effect of the Kriya sadhana.

The teachers Radasi and Yorgos offer ongoing guidance and mentoring for this period, as well as throughout your ongoing journey as a Sharabh Yog teacher.


Personal Sadhana and herbal applications

As part of your training and as a part of traditional Tantra, we use herbs to purify and activate the energetic system. The herbs allow this type of transmission to be possible. We call these practices Sanskars and Nadi Shodhan.

Sanskar is a process of applying complex herbal mixtures on specific or all parts of the body.

For this training, there will be three specific treatments for each Guna: Sattvic, Ragasic and Tamasic. This process assists in creating a base purification for each of those qualities. Further to this, a particularly rare and potent paste is provided to apply to the body on the relevant areas to deepen the activation during the Kriyas.


Accreditation and Certification

Sharabh Yoga is accredited by Shivoham Tantra.

After successfully concluding the Sharabh Yog TTC & Initiation course at the yoga ashram, you will be certified with 300hrs of Sharabh Yog Teacher Training by Shivoham Tantra.

If you choose to follow an optional 18-month integration process, you can then become a Yoga and Kriya teacher with a 700hr certification by Shivoham Tantra.

Radasi and Satya Loka, the yoga school she founded in 2012, is accredited by Yoga Alliance.

Radasi has taught and facilitated reputable teacher training courses since 2007 and is registered as a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 hour teacher. She is also registered as a YACEP teacher (Yoga Alliance continued education provider).

While Satya Loka is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance, we have chosen to accredit Sharabh Yoga by Shivoham Tantra and not as an actual teacher training with Yoga Alliance because it is not necessary to use an outside organisation to validate the yogic and Tantric teachings.

It is expected that those applying for Sharabh Yoga already completed a 200-hour teacher training course, and that they experience the Sharabh Yoga teacher training as more of a spiritual initiation into Yoga.

In light of this, you are eligible to receive a certificate and qualify the 300 hours of training as continuing education under YACEP, Yoga Alliance, if you wish to receive your 300-hour certified yoga teacher status.

Our Teachers


The widespread community connected to Satya Loka is inspired by the discovery of truth through the teachings of Traditional Tantra, Yoga, meditation and self inquiry. We offer retreats teacher trainings, free international supported Sadhana and ongoing support in a personal heart centred and transparent way. 

Radasi is the school’s founder and personally facilitates each training with a commitment to truth. She has over 5000 hours in training, with more than 15 years experience as a teacher in Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, and 10 years studying to become a teacher trainer. Radasi breaths, studies, teaches and loves her deepest passion, and that is to live a life immersed in Yoga, Traditional Tantra, meditation, dance, devotion and ritual, and her personal practice spans almost 25 years.


From the early age of seventeen Yorgos began meditating, pursuing spiritual efforts and deepening his studies in Orthodox mysticism and gnostic Christianity. On the path of awareness he has always been interested in direct experiencing and understanding the inner life than perusing through intellect and reading. 

He was initiated into to the Kriya Yoga lineage and practices, which complimented and deepened his previous experiences. Now Yorgos is connected to the traditional right  hand Tantra path through Guruji Maharaj. It was at Guruji’s ashram that Yorgos met his wife Radasi.

Yorgos and Radasi, both dedicated in practise and spiritual life together are presently creating an Ashram in Northern Greece, as a meditation centre, a place of sanctuary and personal development in the science of consciousness and energy.

Guruji Maharaj

Guruji Maharaj serves as a Tantric Master and Spiritual Guide to hundreds of disciples that have had the fortune to meet him and take initiation into Tantric Mantra Sadhana. He is the Guru of the Sri Bhairavanand lineage and has 64 successors to the lineage, one of whom is Ra Lalita Dasi, the founder of Satya Loka.

Guruji has been guided by 67 Gurus from various mystical traditions over the past four decades. His main practices follow the principles of Shaivism and the study Tantra using Mantra, Yantra, Yagna, Kriya and the Sanskar herbal purification process. Guruji is under the direct guidance of Maha Guru Sri Bhairavananda, a devotee of Lord Bhairava Son of Shiva and Maa Chandeshwari.

In 2015, under the guidance of his Guru Bhairavananda, Guruji built the Rajrajeshwari Shiva Temple. This temple is located within his Ashram in Parsodi village near his birthplace of Saoner, Nagpur. The Ashram offers the rare teachings under the name ShivohamTantra.

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